Donpaul McAllister  is  an American song-writer, guitar player and vocalist. His richly textured musical  layers are distinctive in a style pulling from multiple genres and coming  together in a blend of emotion and a stark visual component  developed through  thoughtful lyrics and delicate vocal delivery.

Extended Bio:

I’ve been a musician for most of my life. I became serious about
music around 12-13 years of age. I went through the normal stages of joining
various garage bands but always found I gravitated towards creating original

Eventually, I became interested in lyrics and song-writing in general more
than being tied to a single instrument. Now, I write the music and then do
whatever I need for recording. Sometimes, it’s still guitar but a lot of
layers have been added. Once the pen has been put to paper, I’ll sing, create
string sections, work on mixes, whatever it takes to create an artistic
structure that can carry emotion and atmosphere; this is what art is to me.

I’ve worked on and supported many projects over the years; I’ve been in a
multitude of bands but find my greatest joy in original creation and
collaboration with others in a community effort. My greatest moments come from  working with people that constantly amaze me and keep the process of creation fresh and interesting… how fortunate, I seem to be surrounded by these

Creating a deeply personal account of my own feelings and areas of my life in
a conceptual manner has always been something I’ve thought about. It just
happened, at this time, the right people seemed to surround me with interest and  support in such a project, and here we are…

With Love,